Professional Consultation & Supervision


I offer case consultation for clinicians who are offering or hoping to offer animal-assisted or equine-assisted therapy. My specialty is working with children and women, particularly with diagnoses of ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety Disorders.

I have geared my training around ethically partnering with animals to work with clients in psychotherapy. I struggled through setting up my practice and website, figuring out insurance, and creating an outdoor “office” at the farm that is welcoming and peaceful so I have a lot of hard earned experience in that regard.

I also am familiar with website design and search engine optimization that can help you promote your business.

Consultation blocks are in 30 minute increments. Please note that these consultations do not count as supervision, and I assume no responsibility for clinicians or their clients.

  • Independently Licensed Clinicians (LCPC, LCSW-C, etc.): $160 per 30 minutes
  • Pre-Licensed Clinicians (LMSW, LGPC, etc.): $125


I am a licensed supervisor under the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners.