I enjoy making printables and other products that help clients or therapists with executive functioning tasks, or that may be useful in therapy sessions.

If you are a current client, electronic versions (and often printed versions) are all available to you for free. Please just check in with me for a copy!

These files are not intended to be a substitute for mental health or physical health care. They are meant to make the tasks of therapy or healthcare easier for neurodivergent individuals. If you’re having a psychiatric emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Any links to Amazon products may include an affiliate link. As an affiliate with Amazon, I may earn from qualifying purchases.


These are products that you can print out that may help you manage routine executive function tasks.

Apology Cards Printable: Farm Friends Bundle: $4.99

Are you looking for a cute and easy way for your kids to learn to apologize? Check out these printable “I’m Sorry Cards.” 

These apology cards are similar to the apology letters that therapists often use, but they are easier for younger kids and for kids who get impatient or frustrated with writing long letters. They allow the person to circle and write in pieces of the apology, similar to the “Thank You card” fill in the blanks.

I’m looking to have these printed and sold as a set, but currently these are only available as a printable. As with all of my other printables, you need to print these at home (or send them to a printing company to have printed out). These are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  

Note: I’m keeping the “I Clucked Up” card in there. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I think it’s funny and if you are okay with that, your kids probably will too. Sometimes it takes the bite out of having to write these cards if you can be a little funny about it. 

School Break Bucket List Worksheets: $4.99

Introducing our innovative printable Summer Bucket List worksheet set, designed to transform school break planning into a fun, engaging, and educational activity for both kids and parents!

This carefully crafted set of 3 worksheets is a dynamic tool that empowers children to take the lead in organizing their school break schedule.

By involving kids in the planning process, these worksheets not only alleviate the planning burden from parents but also instill crucial executive functioning skills such as time management, decision-making, and prioritization.

Perfect for families looking to make school breaks both enjoyable and productive, our set covers a wide range of activities and planning aspects. From selecting educational outings to scheduling playtime and rest, these worksheets make organization a breeze.

Whether your goal is to foster independence, teach valuable life skills, or simply enjoy a more organized break, our printable worksheets are the perfect solution.

Say goodbye to the stress of school break planning and hello to a harmonious, skill-building adventure for your child!


  • Practice executive functioning skills in a fun way.
  • Help parents manage the break schedule.
  • Motivate kids to take initiative for their own entertainment over break!
Symptom Tracker: For Mental Health Symptoms and Psychiatric Medication Side Effects: $4.99

This symptom tracker is perfect for the person who is low on spoons and needs an organized, fun way to track their mental health symptoms.

Looking to track your symptoms? Struggling with your mental health? Are you not quite sure if your medication is working or if you’re experiencing side effects? This convenient and easy to use calendar allows you to track everything from your mental health symptoms, side effects, menstruation, and medication dosage times.

You can show your mental health provider and psychiatrist this chart to help see if they notice any issues or trends that may be concerning.

Keep the calendar printout in your personal medical records so you can look back on it as needed.

Encopresis & Enuresis Tracking Calendar: Potty Training Chart Printable: $2.99

Introducing our comprehensive Encopresis & Enuresis Tracking Calendar: your essential tool for managing and understanding enuresis (bedwetting) and encopresis (soiling) in children. This thoughtfully designed calendar offers a practical and visual way to monitor both urination and bowel movements, providing valuable insights into patterns and triggers that may contribute to these conditions. This would also work well for potty training, particularly for late potty trainers who struggle with wetting or soiling themselves.
With this tracker, you can easily record incidents of enuresis and encopresis, along with regular bathroom habits, to identify what is working or not in reducing accidents.
The calendar features a simple, color-coded system that allows you or your child to color in different patterns based on bathroom activities, making it both an interactive and informative experience.
This tool is not only great for tracking but also serves as a positive reinforcement, encouraging children to engage with their progress and understand their bodies better. Whether you’re a parent looking for a way to support your child or an adult seeking to manage these conditions, our Encopresis & Enuresis Tracking Calendar is an invaluable resource for decreasing accidents and promoting confidence.

Potty Training Chart Printable | Potty Training Chart DIY | Toileting Schedule | Tracking Bowel Movements
Finances Worksheet: Track Routine Expenses and Income, and Month by Month Finance Records: $2.99

Introducing our Family Finances Worksheet Set: The ultimate tool designed to simplify the financial management of your household. This comprehensive printable set is specifically crafted to help you keep a meticulous record of your routine expenses, including rent or mortgage payments, childcare costs, car payments, and much more. With this tracker, managing your family’s finances becomes an organized and stress-free task.

The package includes a dedicated sheet for recording all your routine expenses, ensuring you never miss a payment or overlook a budget category. Additionally, it features a separate sheet tailored for monitoring credit card payments, the balances in your checking and savings accounts, and any upcoming anticipated expenses. This division not only aids in keeping your financial records neat and understandable but also supports you in staying on top of your payments and savings goals. I know I always forget if I scheduled a credit card payment or not so having a checkbox was really helpful for me!

Specially designed with neurodivergent individuals in mind, this printable employs a straightforward, user-friendly format that mimics the structured approach of homework assignments. This method is proven to be beneficial for those who thrive with clear, consistent routines and visually organized data. By writing down your expenses and financial activities, you create a tangible and reviewable record that can significantly aid in budgeting, planning for future expenditures, or saving for a large purchase.

As a person with ADHD, I designed this originally for myself and it lives in a binder on my desk. This allows me to easily track when I pay bills and update it through the month as inevitably credit cards and other payments aren’t always due the same day that income enters our bank accounts.
The Family Expense Tracker Printable is not just a tool; it’s a pathway to gaining financial clarity and control. It’s perfect for anyone looking to bring order to their financial life, offering a tangible way to visualize and manage their economic health.

Start tracking today and take the first step towards a more organized and financially secure future for you and your family.

There are two pages to this printable that you can fill out. There are two additional pages with an example of how you might fill out the printable, and a fifth page to explain the process of using the worksheet.

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