Couples Therapy

I offer equine-assisted couples therapy sessions, as well as traditional couples therapy in the office; we can also use both methods if you prefer. Equine Assisted Therapy sessions will involve working together as a couple to complete an activity with the horses. These activities focus on working together, improving communication, and thinking outside of the box.

Unlike traditional couples therapy sessions where it can be exhausting and unproductive to hash out the same arguments you have had at home, my sessions are keenly solutions-focused. My goal is to teach and practice skills that you can use at home to improve your relationship. We may discuss different issues that arise in your relationship, but my goal is to avoid running in circles around the same issues.

Couples Therapy Goals

  • Learn and practice skills to improve your relationship.
  • Develop better communication.
  • Build teamwork.
  • Come up with solutions for problems that commonly arise.
  • Learn to negotiate decisions in the relationship.

Please make sure your partnership is appropriate for couples therapy. Not everyone is a good match for this work, as it’s quite a bit more intensive than individual therapy. I highly recommend that both partners see an individual therapist because it can be helpful to do your own work separately as well.

My Criteria for Couples Therapy:

🚫 Current Domestic Violence
🚫 Current Substance Abuse
🚫 Current Suicidal/Homicidal Ideation

βœ… Straight or LGBTQ+ Couples 🌈 
βœ… Two Partners: If you have a larger family structure, I believe that a family therapy session, facilitated by two therapists vs. one, is more appropriate.

My criteria is based off what is seen as ethical, effective, and safe couples work. If you are currently suicidal and/or homicidal, you are not ready for couples therapy. It is better to seek individual therapists for both partners, get assistance from a licensed psychiatrist for medication management, then come back to couples therapy when you are both ready. The same goes for couples experiencing current domestic violence and/or substance abuse.


The practice is currently accepting new clients and you can schedule an intake on the portal. Corporate team building activities and retreats must be scheduled directly.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, you can contact me via email, phone, or text to setup a time or click REQUEST APPOINTMENT below.